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“No Sweetie!” Scene 2 in the life of a fun little word

  I love my friend Warren. He’s kind. He’s thoughtful. He’s good at his job. He works hard. And he cares. While he excels at almost everything he does, being a limit-setting parent isn’t his forté. And it’s no surprise. He got fucked by a slew of totally inadequate parents himself. And God bless him, [...]

“NO!”: Scene 1 in the life of a lovely little word

I was trying to buy some ribbon at a notions shop (crazy name!) in downtown LA, but couldn’t because the woman at the head of the line couldn’t make up her mind. “Could I just see the gold ribbon again? And that polka dot grogain?  Do you have enough of this one?…Hmm, I’m not sure, [...]