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Do you scare your kids? Do you think they deserve it?

  Do you feel like that’s just the way it is? If your kids don’t do what you say and you’ve asked nicely more than once and they continue to “push your buttons” and “test your patience”, do you feel justified in your yelling? Or threatening? Your counting down? Your infliction of pain on their [...]


Given the almost universal meaning of spitting at someone as a sign of disrespect, I can see how some parents take it personally and respond indignantly with some variation on “Don’t you dare spit at me…I’m your mother and no child of mine is going to …” But do you really think your child is thinking [...]

MODELING. It all comes down to modeling.

  Last Tuesday John and I started a new parenting class and I already love it. The days of our RIE classes (which end when your child is two) seem so far behind me. Jules is starting kindergarten in the fall and Hudson is days away from being three. And while certainly most RIE principles [...]