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I can’t think of a better way for me to have spent Martin Luther King Day than to have worked on this post. I’m a sucker for brilliant, funny performers. My husband John Lehr is one. But sometimes at night when we’re in bed eating frozen grapes and watching The Daily Show I’ll say “Honey, [...]

2 partners on the same parenting page. possible?

Do you ever feel like telling (as in yelling at) your partner something like this: “STOP! How (the fuck) can you talk to her like that? She’s just a kid? What’s wrong with you?” If so, you’re not alone. A bunch of readers have written in lately with questions like these: “What kind of advice [...]


If I may, I’d love just 90 seconds of your time to tell you about me and my new blog: Goodjobandotherthings.com. If I can manage to pique your interest, I hope you’ll check it out and, who knows, even subscribe. ABOUT ME: I’m not always the warm, non-judgemental person I want to be—particularly when I’m at a [...]