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Owww kid! That hurt!

“Owww!” my husband screamed. Maybe he used some profanity. Not sure. I would have. Anyway, he’d been whacked in the shin with a  plastic rake by our three year old Hudson. Apparently it wasn’t the first whack because John said, “I told you if you did that again I’d take away the rake.” And so [...]

A Time To Reflect Desk. Really?

    (Attn Unschoolers: Feel free to skip this post. However, you may want to go ahead and scan it just to feel a great sense of relief AND even some smugness…I wouldn’t blame you! You deserve it.) Next Tuesday our preschool is hosting an evening called: Kindergarten Options Night at which parents who have kids at [...]


The subject of today’s blog is angry children saying and doing things that in turn anger their parents which in turn “makes” their parents say and do things that further anger or alienate their children in their well-intentioned effort to show them that they will not tolerate rude behavior. Not after all of the things [...]