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  This post is not the way I wanted to start off the New Year, but alas, I’m sure getting yelled at by his dad wasn’t the way the little boy I saw at the park wanted to start of his New Year’s either. In fact, I’m sure the Dad who was doing the yelling [...]

You understand me!

  Before John and I got married we went couples therapy. Double sessions. For three years. Often it was excruciating as hell. So much so that we took separate cars because the drive home could be more painful than the session itself and who needed that? Then one day, we turned a corner. Believe me, [...]


What kind of mother am I? How could I possibly have let my barely one-year-old climb a chain link ladder? Let alone be far enough away that I could take a picture of him? What if he had fallen? Well, I knew he wouldn’t. For someone who is as prone to panic as I am, [...]