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I can’t think of a better way for me to have spent Martin Luther King Day than to have worked on this post. I’m a sucker for brilliant, funny performers. My husband John Lehr is one. But sometimes at night when we’re in bed eating frozen grapes and watching The Daily Show I’ll say “Honey, [...]

A Time To Reflect Desk. Really?

    (Attn Unschoolers: Feel free to skip this post. However, you may want to go ahead and scan it just to feel a great sense of relief AND even some smugness…I wouldn’t blame you! You deserve it.) Next Tuesday our preschool is hosting an evening called: Kindergarten Options Night at which parents who have kids at [...]

You understand me!

  Before John and I got married we went couples therapy. Double sessions. For three years. Often it was excruciating as hell. So much so that we took separate cars because the drive home could be more painful than the session itself and who needed that? Then one day, we turned a corner. Believe me, [...]

MODELING. It all comes down to modeling.

  Last Tuesday John and I started a new parenting class and I already love it. The days of our RIE classes (which end when your child is two) seem so far behind me. Jules is starting kindergarten in the fall and Hudson is days away from being three. And while certainly most RIE principles [...]