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Leave Them Kids Alone

It was a gorgeous, clear Southern California morning. An easter egg hunt had just commenced. Life was good. Except… My son wasn’t looking for the eggs.  He was fascinated by the cat door to our friend’s house or maybe he was fascinated by the cat. From where I was standing, I couldn’t quite tell what [...]

op·pres·sion /əˈpreSHən/


Noun: Prolonged unjust treatment or control. eat this before that. put on a sweater. give your grandma a kiss. say thank you. say please. wave bye bye. give dad a hug. stop crying. go to your room. behave. do your homework. sit down. stand up. say you’re sorry. time out. just one more bite. [...]


  This post is not the way I wanted to start off the New Year, but alas, I’m sure getting yelled at by his dad wasn’t the way the little boy I saw at the park wanted to start of his New Year’s either. In fact, I’m sure the Dad who was doing the yelling [...]