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Want respectful children?

If you want respectful children… You gotta be respectful to them. You want your children to listen to you? You gotta really listen to them. You want a child who is caring, sensitive and patient? You gotta be caring, sensitive and patient to them. You want a resilient child? You have to let them practice [...]

DARE NOT TO DISCIPLINE: My conversation with Dr. Laura Markham

Dr. Laura Markham has a new book out: Peaceful Parents, HAPPY KIDS: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting. It is practical. Easy to read. And very helpful. I had the distinct pleasure of having a fairly in-depth and lively conversation with Dr. Laura on her book’s blog tour. You can also down-load the transcript [...]

Owww kid! That hurt!

“Owww!” my husband screamed. Maybe he used some profanity. Not sure. I would have. Anyway, he’d been whacked in the shin with a  plastic rake by our three year old Hudson. Apparently it wasn’t the first whack because John said, “I told you if you did that again I’d take away the rake.” And so [...]

Do you scare your kids? Do you think they deserve it?

  Do you feel like that’s just the way it is? If your kids don’t do what you say and you’ve asked nicely more than once and they continue to “push your buttons” and “test your patience”, do you feel justified in your yelling? Or threatening? Your counting down? Your infliction of pain on their [...]